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Jaffney Quinn
Definition: None.

-Certified "Candy Crush" addict.
-A lover of donut holes and pornography. At the same time.
-James Deen-esque humor.
-Went to rehab for Kim Jonghyun addiction. Shit didn't work.
-Went to anger management three times. Shit didn't work.
-An undefined thingy.
-Rough sex
-Big bras
-I gets paper.

Yeah, I'm psycho, in case you haven't noticed.
~ Saturday, September 20 ~
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My lovely rendition of Iggy Azalea’s Fancy in a bad attempt at a country accent.

As you can tell, I don’t know what the fuck she said during that last part.

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K-Pop Series

My Thoughts On: Zico

I think I was pretty spot on….

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~ Friday, September 19 ~

moorpanicjk said: I watch your youtube videos! You make me crack up all the time... Your stuff about jonghyun... Yes. Just yesssss. Haha sorry. But yeah.. I just wanted to tell you that i think your a pretty cool dude and I'm happy that I found out you have a tumblr


I think you got the wrong person, haha! were you perhaps referring to the video in this post? if so, I only just giffed it. the person who posted/posts the videos is jaffneykiueen. he’s really funny and friendly so you can just send this message to him. sorry for confusing you and have a nice day!

Both of you are too sweet. Thank you so much. :)

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~ Friday, August 29 ~
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Artist appreciation: Cliff Chiang’s 80s album art remixes

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